VNA Meeting 2.15.12

Attendance: Darcy Diedrich, Braden Kerwin, Cricket Redman

Meeting Notes:

Neighborhood Plan
Comittee reviewed plan and agreed that they are against formal gathering place at base of intersection of shepherd terrace and Van Hise. Three of the four property owners that neighbor this intersection are against this initiative. VNA supports use of picnic tables within Hoyt Park that are steps away from the proposed location.

Grant Application: VanChaMasShe Generations Winter Garden and Sanctuary to be Planted by the Generations for the Generations.
Reviewed grant application to enhance landscape above the Rain Garden. Reviewed changes include: adding a bench in area away from lighting to encourage only daytime traffic.  Propose Aldo Leopold benches so that if bench doesn’t work out – they can be easily be moved and contributed to Hoyt Park Natural Area. Support low-maintenance native plants – that contribute year-round visual interest and support and support bird-life. VNA supports this Grant Application.

Sustainability Initiatives
VNA supports ideas that enhance the existing initiatives and structures – it does not recommend implementing new structures or infrastructure that does not currently exist. VNA supports sharing information around sustainability but not mandating new policies.  VNA suggests redefining the scope of our sustainability initiatives – Our focus for 2012 includes supporting enhancing landscape enhancements and gathering near rain gardens and controlling stormwater.

VNA supports sidewalks in areas that are conduits from VNA along main thoroughfares. VNA does not support sidewalks in areas within VanChaMaaShe core streets since they do not form a main thoroughfare. Mature Trees are a crucial part of the character of our neighborhood and would be compromised if sidewalks were required in our area. VNA residents walk this neighborhood regularly and feel that AS IS VanChaMaaShe is a walkable neighborhood – regardless of what our walkability index maybe.  Given the traffic in our neighborhood which is infrequent – this index does not accurately apply to our neighborhood. VanChaMaaShe residents walk to work, to University Ave, to the Bus Stop Putting down miles of impermeable concrete does not improve sustainability of stormwater drainage/runoff in our neighborhood and this is a big issue in our area.

MSCR Focus Area Meeting, Weds Feb 22 Location Braden Kerwin’s.
Neighborhood focus and grant review for bird sanctuary

Hoyt Area Residential Design Guidelines
VNA supports the diverse architectural styles present in our neighborhood.  We support individual homeowners making improvements that are in keeping with the architecture of inherent in their home.


Next Meeting March 14, 2012.