Hoyt Park Area Neighborhood Inventory

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Please help us document our neighborhood through a photo inventory!

We’re seeking images of the neighborhood in the following categories (and we will create more categories as necessary to accommodate submissions):

  • Favorite Places – places in the neighborhood you especially value (e.g. a park, your backyard, etc)
  • Secret Places – public places that few people know about or visit, but that you think are worth a visit
  • Favorite Buildings – homes or other buildings that you especially like, or that you think exemplify quality architecture or design
  • Favorite Gardens – gardens or landscaping that you especially like
  • Heritage Trees – Large, old, noteworthy trees, especially any that may pre-date development of the neighborhood
  • Transportation Safety Concerns – Places where you think improvements are needed to enhance driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist safety

Please submit your photos in jpeg format to Dale Bengston (VanChaMasShe@gmail.com).

Please include a description of each photo you are sending, including:

  • Your name
  • Photographer’s name
  • File name of the photo
  • Location of the subject (northeast corner of Bluff and Franklin, in front of 2822 Mason Street, etc.)
  • Caption indicating the significance of the subject (three sentences or less)
  • Categories this image belongs in (select one or more from above)

Photos may be submitted at any time, but those submitted by October 12, 2011, will have more influence on the planning process, as we will be sharing the inventory with our planning consultant later in October.