Back in 1949, neighbors living on adjoining blocks of Van Hise Avenue, Chamberlain Avenue, Mason Street and Shepard Terrace started getting together for a 4th of July block party and parade. They named their informal, close-knit group VanChaMasShe Land after the first few letters of each street. That neighborhood festival is still going strong today – in fact it’s the longest-running 4th of July celebration in Madison – 62 years!

The VanChaMasShe Neighborhood Association was created to “officially” bring us together, and to find ways to enhance an already-great neighborhood. The Association serves as a communications conduit not only among us as neighbors, but also between our neighborhood and other neighborhoods, planning groups and developers, and the City of Madison. We expanded the borders (map at right) to include some of our neighbors on adjoining blocks who also participate in our festival and contribute to our community.

The Association’s other activities, such as protecting Hoyt School and Park or strengthening our longstanding festival traditions, is limited only by the energy and imagination of its members – this means you. We need your energy and ideas. Won’t you join us?